Student Presentations Perpetual Peace Project – 1

Dear All,

We would like to involve everyone in our peace project; since we really want it to be PERPETUAL we need your help to keep the project alive. There is only one recipe to make an idea eternal and global: SHARE IT IN ORDER TO MAKE IT VIRAL.

Our purpose is to inaugurate a platform that could host an ongoing debate on the concepts of peace and freedom to fight against any forms of discrimination; we would like our project to become a shared work in progress able to give life to different events in different spaces and times.
We plan to start from here, our Utrecht, with a first simbolic event. To involve citizens we need to be as contagiuos as we can be, less academic than we are. Let’s start rethinking peace from our everyday life! Urban space is the space we belong to, the space we fight with and fight for.
How many barriers, boundaries and borders frustrate and affect us in relation to discriminatory practices?

We really hope Forbidden Forbidding will take the flight with you to visit different countries, seas, skies and squares. We, as (post-) human beings, and first as citizen, are asked to be responsable for any possible cosmopolitanism. Us, as everyone else that inhabit this schizophrenic planet.

Let’s keep the project in a corner of our suitcases, then visit the blog  ( join us on the facebook page ( and upload your thoughts, your hopes, your pictures.

Use this adress as a commun account to share any comments, ideas or criticisms, and remember:

Forbidden Forbidding!


Student Presentations Perpetual Peace Project

Today the students of the Intensive Programme at the Centre for the Humanities Utrecht  will present the practical assignment they have worked on during our School of Critical Theory. Theme of this years practical assignment was the Perpetual Peace Project.