About the Project

Perpetual Peace Project

The Perpetual Peace Project is predicated on the belief that no one institution or individual can clearly claim or guarantee a mastery of the concept of peace. Today, as in Kant’s time, the concept of peace remains abstract and continues to be defined negatively as an absence of war.

For this reason our project takes on initiatives within multiple institutions, to create the conditions for proposing yet again the idea of peace. The project is not attempting to actively formulate public policy; rather to conceptualize a peace movement, raising questions about how such a movement might occur.

This project can be understood through Kant’s notion of ‘publicity;’ its many forums enable us to move conversations in different directions with multiple perspectives.
Eventually, this conversation must include everyone, since no one can claim to have absolute knowledge concerning the idea of peace.

We encourage you to join the conversation by leaving a message on the PP blog, especially design for this exhibition.


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